Par konkursu un Latvijas organizātoru (rīkotāju)

Miss Model Of The World 2011 un Miss Bikini Of The World 2011 jau septīto  reizi notiek Ķīnā ar Ķīnas tautas Republikas valdības un vietējo uzņēmumu atbalstu. Konkurss jau pastāv 23 gadus. Uz pagājušā gada konkursu 2010.gadā bija pieteikušās vairāk nekā 112 jaunietes no dažādām pasaules valstīm no 18-26 gadiem un Latvijas pārstāvei šogad ir iespēja , izturot atlases konkursu, pārstāvēt Latviju. Konkursa uzvarētājai konkurss 3 nedēļas ĶĪNĀ apmaksāts!

Sertifikāts, kas apstiprina J.Tutāna (SIA A&J Group) tiesības rīkot konkursa atlasi Latvijā.

Sertifikāts, kas apstiprina SIA A&J group tiesības. Pārstāvis Jānis Tutāns.

SIA A&J Group ir dibināta 2009.gada vasarā un ar 2009.gada decembri pārstāv konkuru kā juridiskā persona J.Tutāna personā. Iepriekšējos trīs gadus konkursam gatavoja J.Tutāns kā privātpersona.

"MISS MODEL of the WORLD" International Modelling Contest

 "MISS MODEL of the WORLD" International Modelling Contest has been founded by Mr.Çevik Suha ALPAYLI, who is wellknown in the world of INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY and MODELLING Contests, in the year of 1988 as of to be the first and most serious event in the WORLD and in TURKEY which already has taken it's place in the INTERNATIONAL CALENDAR since the year it was founded.

     INTERMODEL Co.Ltd., a duly registered company in ISTANBUL/TURKEY, is the OWNER and REGISTERED TRADE NAME HOLDER of this SPECTACULAR EVENT of "MISS MODEL of the WORLD" which is originated and identified with the Magic City of ISTANBUL, has been dedicated to the enrichment and promotion of world's economic, artistic, culturel and fashion life....

      As we all know ; FASHION is a powerful means of reflecting History, Culture and Tradition of a country...

      Every Year, since 1988, we enjoy the Participation of Models and Photomodels, representing more than fourty countries from the five continents of the world...Also International Press and TV-members, Fashion Designers (National & International) and V.I.P Guests visit our country on this occassion...This gives us the opportunity of introducing to them, our country's Historical, Caltural and Touristic values along with Traditional "TURKISH HOSPITALITY" and worldwide "TURKISH CUISINE"...

      We are very proud and honored to present our THANKFULNESS and GRATITUDE to those, National Directors of Participating Countries, International Press and TV-Members, Fashion Designers and V.I.P.Guests who supported us in realization and promotion of this spectacular organisation of "MISS MODEL of the WORLD" International Modelling Contest since the year of 1988 when it was founded.

Çevik Suha ALPAYLI
Founder - President